What If...

inspiration Nov 09, 2020

What if loneliness was simply a feeling of impatience, telepathically sent to you by friends you have yet to meet, experiences life was calling you towards, urging you to go out more, do more, and get involved, so that life’s serendipitous moments could bring you together? Would you still feel alone?

What if illness was just a signal a healthy body sent to urge clarification of your thoughts, feelings and dreams? Would you still, at times, think of yourself as sick?

What if mistakes and failures only ever happened when your life was about to get even better than it has ever been before? Would you still call them mistakes and failures?

And, what if poverty and lack were simply demonstrations of your manifesting prowess, as “difficult” to acquire as wealth and abundance? Would they still cause you to feel powerless?

What if what felt like being in a crisis or stuck was nature’s way of urging us to let go of patterns, and ways of being that no longer serve us? Might your breakdowns start to look like breakthroughs?

Growth is more challenging when we overvalue what we have, and undervalue how the change in our life will serve us. Be open to change and growth in all areas of your life. It is one of the reasons for your being.

–          Adapted from: Notes from the Universe, Mike Dooly


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