Positive Empowering Leadership

soul of business Nov 09, 2020

“You can manage things, but people deserve to be led. Too often people are over managed and under led.”

As a heart centered servant leader your focus is to be a positive, inspiring leader to others. A good leader does not judge or assume, instead they seek clarity and understanding, asking the right questions instead rushing to judgment, assumptions or assigning blame.

It is helpful to remember that you lead by encouragement and inspiration, not by fear and control.  In the long run, we are not going to change people through our efforts at maintaining power over them. We can only invite others to get on board with us by asking for their opinions and help and, ultimately, letting go and trusting them to make good decisions.

Positive Leadership Model explained:

The foundation of any relationship is trust. Without trust there is no real connection. Without connection, you lack respect and openness, without these key relationship ingredients a healthy relationship can’t exist. Each part of the leadership model supports and builds on its self.

  1. Trust: This is built on integrity, honesty and dependability. People must feel secure and safe around you if you are going to lead them. They need to trust you as a person and a leader.
  2. Relationships: Without trust and connection you will not have a healthy relationship. Healthy relationships allow for two way communication, feedback, transparency and support.
  3. Communication: Is a leader’s most important tool; It begins with good listing skills, people feel heard and acknowledged. You are clear and direct without blaming or making others wrong. 
  1. Attitude: Your positive attitude and mindset supports and inspires others. You keep people engaged and committed to being their best and doing their best.
  2. Performance: Everyone has the ability to be excellent at their jobs if they have the right skills and support of good systems and leadership. Good leadership inspires confidence, breeds competence and creates excellence in performance.
  3. Culture: Is the energy, attitude and mindset of the people who lead and work with in a business. All the Leadership practices create a positive, inspiring and engaged culture that people want to be a part of.

Leadership lies in one’s ability to stop, go inward, and reflect on the course of action that you know is the right one, rather than succumbing to external pressures and circumstances. This sometimes requires making the hard right decision versus the easy wrong one.

Heart centered servant leaders are more equipped to connect with the emotional needs of the people they serve and lead.  They understand that people want to be valued, respected, listened to and involved.

This leadership style requires determination and daily commitment to practice these core principles.


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